one month up to 15 months of age
Our infant program provides an easy transition from home to school in a comfortable atmosphere. The classroom provides a clean, safe and nurturing environment that enables each child to explore and discover.  Daily notes are provided to inform parents about their baby's day and to help foster a parent teacher team in providing the best care to each infant.
Toddlers and Tots
15 months of age up to three years old
Our toddler and tot programs provide a curriculum that encourages language development through books, storytelling, songs, music and sign language.  In recognition of this age group's need to move, we provide a climbing structure within the classroom to give children the space needed in order to develop their physical skills.
three and four year olds
Our preschool program provides a clean, safe and fun environment to freely explore in play.  The classroom enables children the opportunity for solitary, parallel and cooperative play through child-centered activities.  The fun yet challenging developmentally appropriate activities and equipment address and nurture individual social, emotional, intellectual and physical skills.  The curriculum encourages language development and self-help skills which foster independence and self-esteem.
four and five year olds
Our pre-kindergarten program addresses various learning styles and individual needs of the children as they learn the fundamentals before entering kindergarten.  The curriculum provides one-on-one, small group and large group activities that assist in developing pre-reading, pre-writing, science and math skills and concepts in the various learning centers.

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