Milestones Children's Center, a privately owned child care center founded in 2000, has a focus on children as individuals.  We provide a developmentally appropriate environment for the care of children one month to five years of age.  The Center's schedules, policies, and program are designed to meet the social-emotional, physical and intellectual needs of the children served. Classrooms include infant, toddler, tots, preschool and pre-kindergarten programs.
We acknowledge children's play as an essential component of a developmentally appropriate curriculum.  Therefore, we encourage children to play and create as we guide them in gaining knowledge, independence and self-confidence in their abilities.  Children have the opportunity to play in small groups and/or alone with various hands-on materials inside learning centers: dramatic play; blocks; art; sensory; language/writing; manipulatives; and books within the classrooms.

"There are not enough words, nor money, nor cute gifts we could make that would express how grateful we are for all of you-we are eternally grateful for the love and care you gave our children"
-from a parent's Thank You card 
"Just a short note to tell you 'thank you' for all you have done for our children.  Your support,understanding and patience has been greatly appreciated.  We will never forget what you have done for our children."
- from a parent letter 

"We want to thank you for giving [our son] the best education and care over the last five years.  We both went to work every day knowing he was learning, playing, enjoying his friends, and most importantly, in loving care from all of the teachers at [your school].  We really appreciate and feel lucky that he was able to be part of the Milestones family, and although he (and we) are excited for the next phase of his education, [we] know he'll really miss spending every day with all of you."
 -from a parent letter 
"Our children have grown and excelled since attending Milestones.  This is due to the dedication of the staff and ability to involve parents.  My only regret is that I did not find this program sooner."
-from a Parent Survey 

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