Milestones Children's Center, Inc. - Helping children achieve one Milestone at a time!
7:00                                     Milestones Chidren's Center Opens
7:30                                     Free Chioce Play (Breakfast served until 8:15am)
8:30-8:45                              Diapers/hand washing
9:00-9:15                               Circle time
                                             Weather and Songs
9:15-9:30                               Handwashing and Snack
9:30-9:40                               Story time
9:40-10:15                             Exploring the learning centers
10:15-10:30                           Diapers/hand washing
10:30-11:15                           Gross Motor Time
11:15-11:30                           Music and Movement
11:30-12:00                           Lunch
12:00-12:30                           Hand washing/ face washing/tooth brushing
12:30-2:30                             Nap time
2:30                                     Diapers/ hand washing
2:50                                     Gross motor time
3:30-4:45                               Exploring the learning centers
4:45-5:30                               Stories and songs
                                             Manipulative Play
6:00                                     Milestones Children's Center Closes
                                                   PRESCHOOL DAILY SCHEDULE
7:00                                Milestones Children’s Center Opens
7:00- 8:50                       Free Choice Play (breakfast served until 8:15)
8:55-9:00                        Clean-up/Books
9:00-9:15                        Circle Time (calendar, weather, songs and helpers)
9:15-9:25                        Bathroom/ Hand-washing
9:25-9:40                        Snack
9:40- 10:25                     Gross Motor Play
10:30-11:40                   Choice Time in the Learning Centers
                                     (language, math, science/discovery and art)
11:45-12:30                    Hand-washing/ Bathroom/Lunch/ Clean-up/Hand-washing/
                                     Face-washing/ and tooth brushing
12:30-1:00                     Bathroom/ set-up for rest time/stories
1:00-2:30                      Rest Time/Quiet Time
2:30-3:15                      Wake-up, Clean-up, Bathroom and Snack
3:15-4:00                      Gross Motor Play
4:00-4:15                      Afternoon Circle Time (calendar, weather, story and songs)
4:15-4:55                     Choice Time in the Learning Centers (language, math,
                                    science/discovery and art)
5:00                             Classroom closes and children join in other classroom
6:00                             Milestones Children’s Center Closes
7:00                          Milestones Children's Center Opens
8:15                         Letter of the week song
                              Language activity
                              Math activity
9:30                        Story time
9:45                         Bathroom and Hand washing
10:00                      Circle time
10:15                      Choice time
                              Art project, block area, house area, computers
11:25                       Gross motor
11:45                      Hand washing , bathroom, lunch set up
12:00                      Lunch time
12:45                      Clean up and Mat set up
1:00                        Rest time
2:30                        Wake up, Bathroom and Snack
3:00                       Gross motor
3:30                        Circle time
3:45                      Choice time:
                             Free art, language activity, math, block area anddramatic play
5:00                     Tape stories and books
6:00                      Milestones Children's Center Closes
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