Milestones Children's Center, Inc. - Helping children achieve one Milestone at a time!
Our goal is to provide a warm and nurturing environment that permits children to learn and explore while developing the whole child – physically, social-emotionally, and intellectually. We believe children learn and grow at their own pace and we respect children’s learning styles. We provide a developmentally appropriate curriculum that includes dramatic play, block building, arts and crafts, books, music, and sensory play.
Our classrooms are divided into learning centers that offer children the opportunity to work in small groups and/or alone with various hands-on learning materials. The curriculum is incorporated through weekly and/or monthly themes. Activities are planned according to themes and are supported by literature. Teachers implement the themes in each learning center for the children to enjoy and explore.
Children’s play is the essential component of a developmentally appropriate curriculum. We encourage children to play and create as we guide them in gaining knowledge, independence, and self confidence in their abilities. We accomplish our objectives and goals in the following ways:
  • Physical (gross motor): running, jumping, climbing, hopping, ball play, exercises, creative movement, riding toys, circle games, parachute play
  • Physical (fine motor): cutting, gluing, painting, puzzles, stringing, pouring, play dough, pegs, sewing cards, manipulatives, scooping, sorting
  • Social: block and construction play, dramatic play area, creative movement, free choice, group time, music, sand and water play, stories, discussions, meal times
  • Emotional: group times, story times, free choice, outside play, creative movement, dramatic play, blocks
  • Intellectual (math): pegs, geometric solids, sets, measurement, sorting, quantity to symbol, rote counting, one-to-one correspondence, board games
  • Intellectual (language): story telling, flannel boards, puppets, rhyming, matching activities, sequencing activities, board games
  • Intellectual (sensory/science): color activities, smelling and tasting activities, water and sand play, texture games, science activities
  • Serving the community since 2000
  • Licensed by the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care
  • Daily communication with parents (phone calls, emails and daily sheets)
  • Children's evaluations done twice a year
  • Monthly newsletters
  • Children's classroom curriculum supported with literature
  • Fenced in outdoor play areas
  • Tuition includes breakfast, morning and afternoon snacks
  • Parent visits and participation are encouraged
  • Family fun days
  • Background records checks on all staff
  • Staff trained in CPR and First Aid
Labor Day
Columbus Day
Day after Thanksgiving
Close at 1pm on Christmas Eve
Christmas Day
Day after Christmas
Close at 4pm on New Year's Eve
New Year's Day
President's Day
Patriot's Day
Memorial Day
July 4th and 5th
Friday before Labor Day
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